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Once a prima facie case of discrimination has been established, the burden shifts .. and Métis children across the country, including in many places in Ontario,, the HRTO states: "As the jurisprudence makes clear, not .

Reply Here is an idea, get off the victum wagon and find your own discounts. You could always share them with others, No one cares about Vermont, just like Vermont has never expressed concern about any other state. Reply Not in southern Florida. I was a cashier a in southern Florida. I was told that we Do NOT give senior discounts nor military discounts. I was surprised at a couple places that had them. Jack In the Box restaurants have senior discounts but only if you go inside, not at the drive thru. All you have to do is ask. Reply Probably too many seniors in Florida, would really kill their profit.

Reply Or North Carolina. I go for buy one get one if the price right. Otherwise the prices go up on something every time I go. Their home office is in Lakeland, Florida. Jenkins, founder of Publix would be saddened. The new generation to the board of directors are all about money. They even took alot from their employees. Very sad. I think everyone should send an email to their corporate offices.

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Reply We use to have the Publix every Wed. But they stopped it said the do the buy one get one free to help all people. My parents immigrated from Cuba in the early fifties. We have always resided in Florida. My parents were hardworkimg people who never received any governmental benefits.

Everything we obtained was through their hard work. What bothers me now is that all the new immigrants receive some sort of benefits Medicaid, free housing, food stamps, financial aid, etc. They even work under the table and do not pay taxes, but nevertheless, they manage to send their money to Cuba. It is a fact that they collect retirement benefits and manage to send the monies they receive from the government to purchase properties in Cuba and rent those houses to the tourists for additional monies while they remain here collecting benefits and making themselves rich in a communist country.

Do you think this government acknowledge these practices? What is the purpose of not putting these practices out-of circulation?

This government also know about the drug trafficking between Cuba, South American countries, including Mexico, and yet do nothing about it. There is a lot of talk and no action. They claim that the embargo takes care of all of these practices. How can the embargo work when Cuba has relationships with other countries and allow some Cubans to travel to third countries to purchase goods.

How do they allow Americans to go hungry, do not provide financial aid for their kids, retirees and good, hard-working people to be with complete health-care coverage, allowances for their mortgages and sufficient food allowance. We are looked as nothing, they do look at us as people from third world countries. It is very sad.

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I am glad to say that my family and us are law abiding citizens, hard-working people and citizens of this great country, who thank all the veterans who fought for us to live with freedom, and pray that they reconsider their attitudes and treat us like equals. No wonder children ad elderly are going hungry in this rich nation.

It is a sin what American government allows to happen to its deserving citizens. Reply Cuba is closed now for US citizens. The President stopped all travel to Cuba last month. Reply I hope all you concerned citizens know how your state, federal representatives vote on these issues. That is where you go to put pressure on the people who legislate our states and federal governments. Read their platforms before voting for them.

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When they hear what issues are important to the everyday folks, they either change or should be voted out. They certainly get an adequate salary and far above the average worker here. I believe they should have terms limits and no retirement or medical benefits when they retire or not voted in the next term. Keep our legislature honest, as it is an honor to serve the people, not a career. Know what your representatives stand for!!!!! LOTS of them say one thing and do the reverse!!!!! YOU must get involved in order to make changes in our government!!!!!!

They are lots of ways—check into it. Term limits are a MUST!!!

Reply I live in Oklshoma. No senior discounts are offered at any grocery stores. Being on Medicare means Big Pharma is not allowed to assist us Thsnks to federal government not able to negotiate contracts with them. Discounts are offered by car dealers, clothing stores and fast foods. Reply Need discounts for food, etc. Reply Yes. It would help more. Heck No! They can afford discounts for all seniors! Tell them off.

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Reply Are there any stores or discount stores in Texas for the elderly? There was one that I found out bout and then they stopped! It is so hard to make a go on a one income family, groc, gas, electric, and doctors,and meds? Hints if anyone has any, we have Ins, but even paying for it and then the money you have to pay even before seeing a Doctor or being put into the hospital???? Someone needs to do something, my husband and I both work and our children are grown, and we even have great grandchildren now!

We are both retirement age and my husband works 10 to 12 hours a day, 5 to 6 days a week!!!!! We use all the income each week for gas, upkeep on our car, groceries, medicines, taxes, and etc. What are hard working people doing, never had any help from government of any kind! Hope we never have too! We just do without, lived on red beans, cornbread, and sometime butterballed potatoes, or corn. That was our meals sometimes every other day of the week, then the other days were peanut butter jelly sandwiches!

I ld hate to see the children of now days to live off what we have in our home with 2 children. Not easy, but our children are grown now and both married and families of their own! I mean the government need to give the older people a little more help in their elderyears!

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I mean some type of break, on grocies, gas, electric bills, and so on! Could be Monday. Reply Texas seniors only get from8 to15 dollars aa month in food stampsif they have medicare Reply Yes. Supposed live with that little food. Reply I live on a month they took my food stamps down from 87dollars to 15 dollars… What the heck. I have worked hard my whole life and this is what I get.

Not right. I know people who lie and they get dollars a month in food stamps. I know a house hold that has 2 people in it and they are drawing dollars a month in food stamps. Reply I totally agree.